What Are You Grateful For?

The little things we should be grateful for.

I was walking down the stairs to the basement and I missed a step and almost fell, at that moment I thought to myself, “Dapo, you almost died” – I pictured myself falling down the stairs and landing sideways on my neck breaking it and killing myself.

It was then I made a mental note of all the times I almost died this week- the time when I was almost crushed by a truck on the highway or the time when a careless driver almost hit me just before I entered Walmart (I guess new York has too many crappy drivers)- I counted 15 different occurrences that could have easily led to my death, wow.

That night I went on YouTube and queued up all the Christian thanksgiving songs and worship songs I could remember and I sang along as the songs played, my loud dip voice repeated the words and my ungrateful heart was filled with thanks to God.

The next day I woke up with a smile on my face, I said a short prayer before going to pick my mom for our daily drive to the park, as I drove in silence, I felt a sharp ray of light pierce my eyes, and I looked up to see the sun but it was gone, the buildings in sight had blocked the light from reaching me, the buildings looked very beautiful, but still was a distraction, it blocked the light, and then I heard a voice, loud and gentle in my head and my heart, “I will find you”.

At that moment I had driven past the last building and I could see the light again, I smiled and said to myself, “he will find me and he will protect me”- the peace I felt after that moment is indescribable.

I instantly felt untouchable, I felt like I was in a bulletproof car, I felt like nothing could harm me, it was an important feeling to have, especially in these very scary uncertain times.

We got to the park and after jogging, my mom and I sat by the small lake at the park, surprisingly, she started to pray, she started by worshipping God and then she started to praise him in Yoruba language, on any other day I would have asked her to stop.

I would have asked her to be careful not to embarrass me but on this day, I didn’t care, I didn’t care what the random passersby would say, he has shown me how much he cares for me and how much he protects me and I just had to join her in singing and worshipping him unashamed.

I had to shout in praise and worship, not because I felt it in my spirit, but, because it was the right thing to do. I was simply grateful for life.

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