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Link Up With Josephine


Link Up with Josephine Aiteobhor - Racism Cannot Go Extinct, Safety tips for you EP 2. Hi there, My name is Josephine Aiteobhor, Tife dragged me on here to share my experience of living in the diaspora as a Black person. So, here is my story,  I moved from Nigeria to Canada, in the year 2018. I would ...

God Spoke To Me


God spoke to me and saved me. As a child growing up in a Christian home, one will think that I would end up as one of those heaven-conscious Christians. Little did people know that most times I forget God’s existence in my personal relations, I mastered the art of sticking to the family morning devotion ...



Chigozie's pain can be classified as 'stories that touch'. The gentle call of the ticking clock drowned in the storm that made her damaged face glisten under the fluorescent light. I could not recognize her anymore. I could not recognize the woman whose loud cries were void of defence and whose tears trickled like timid drops ...


Effervescent: /ɛfəˈvɛsənt/

-of a liquid) giving off bubbles; fizzy.