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Link Up With Josephine


Link Up with Josephine Aiteobhor - Racism Cannot Go Extinct, Safety tips for you EP 2. Hi there, My name is Josephine Aiteobhor, Tife dragged me on here to share my experience of living in the diaspora as a Black person. So, here is my story,  I moved from Nigeria to Canada, in the year 2018. I would ...

I am Human


Dedicated to all human in the world. This is for humanity, #alllivesmatters Where did we go wrong in humanity?Posing to give for charityWhen the essence is just for frivolity Where did we go wrong in humanity?Excessive explanation of consentWhen all you need is just to have sense. Where did we go wrong in humanity?They say the police is ...


Effervescent: /ɛfəˈvɛsənt/

-of a liquid) giving off bubbles; fizzy.