My Ordeal – Episode 7

My ordeal is a true life story with a twist…
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“Driver, what is going on?” Tunde asked.

Sunkanmi replied, “calm down, maybe it’s the carburettor” he was about coming down from the car when the ignition kick-started again.

“Aaah, thank God,” I said as I placed my hand on my chest.

“Were you scared?” Tunde asked me

I looked at him “how are we going to get help in this bush?” I retorted.

“Ahn Ahn, aunty Sade, you don’t need to be scared, people are living in this neighbourhood, it’s the lack of electricity that is making everywhere dark,” the driver said smiling

I didn’t respond, the silence that engulfed the car afterwards was the only peace that I felt. The car was moving rather slower than before, I picked my phone in my bag to check the time,

It was 10.15 pm, and we haven’t gotten to Jakande yet.

I was about plugging my earphones when the thought came to my mind that I needed to be extra attentive. Immediately, I placed my phone back inside my bag and somehow I found the silent atmosphere in the car rather unsettling than peaceful.

Everybody was quiet, even Tunde the talkative was quiet and seemed distant in thought. The dark street was only illuminated by the car’s headlight. It Looked like we were gradually leaving the bushy area. I could sight a house from afar off with a lit bulb on its walls.

Unconsciously, I sighed out, relieved we were getting out of the jungle I never knew existed. The car was coming to a halt. I looked around again, the night was too dark, with no illumination of the moon to brighten the atmosphere.

It was like black coffee in a black cup, spooky dark.

“Oga Ben we can check that stuff now before we enter the main road,” the driver said.

I didn’t like that idea, but at least we were close to the main road, and I already sighted a house not too far from here, that is a certainty we were not extinct from the world.

“My sister please come and help me,” Ben said to me.

Well, I had no option, I got down, actually, we all got down from the car. I hung my handbag on my shoulder and pressed it to my side very tight as we moved towards the boot of the car.

The driver opened the boot, and I stepped forward.

They all stood back watching me. Adjusting my handbag on my shoulder properly, I bent forward to carry the bag. Then I stopped suddenly. I looked back again.

They were still standing watching me silently. Why did smell a foul play here? I stood up from my bending position slowly, I don’t know why my imagination ran wild to them pushing me into the boot and locking me up.

“please aunty, be fast,” the driver said impatiently.

Wow, for a man that had been smiling all along, I was surprised.

“Sorry, but the bag is too heavy, Ben, maybe you should bring it down” I turned to Ben.

“heavy? the bag can’t be heavy,” he said with a puzzled look, but he still stepped forward to bring the bag down.

Why won’t the bag be heavy? I asked myself, a bag filled with money was one hell of a load.

“so how do we do it?” I asked, as I opened the Zip, “is there somewhere else I can count the money into, I can’t just scatter the money on the ground.” I said to them.

Ben was about to reply to me when Tunde suddenly spoke: “so what about the chemical, is it in this boot?”

In reflex, I peeped into the boot myself. Too many things in there to say which was the container of the chemical.

“it’s with me here” Ben replied.

The driver kept looking around uncomfortable.

“please can we hurry up” he said with a bit of hostility in his tone.

“any empty bag?” I asked again, seeing Tunde wouldn’t let go of Ben till he displayed the trick.

I dipped my hands into the bag at the same time expecting a response for the empty bag I requested for. But to my surprise, I was touching something else that didn’t feel like money.

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