My Ordeal – Episode 6

My ordeal is a true life story with a twist..

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“We don’t even know your name sister,” Tunde said.

I was reluctant to reply, but what hurt could it do?

“Sade” I replied.

           “ah ah, omo yoruba (Yoruba child)” the driver said.

           “o jo Ibo sha (she looks like ibo)” Sunkanmi said in Yoruba.

I simply smiled, because I’ve heard that a lot.

           “I was expecting Ngozi or Ufomma, wow, you don’t look Sade at all” Tunde said.

I smiled again.

           “so Sade” Ben spoke

I turned to his direction “would you like to hear the secret?” he asked.

           “of course,” I said, nodding at the same time. 

           “who would not want to hear,” Sunkanmi said and laughed.

           “I used to work on the ship with these white people across border….” He began his story.

His life on the water for years, with the whole adventures he was telling, seemed super cool and amazing. I realised all my 26years on earth was surrounded by the four walls of my father’s house except when I was in college, even at that I was the boring nerd.

 I couldn’t imagine spending just three days on the water, let alone 10 years.

The interesting part that caught my attention was the covenant they made with the mermaid goddess, and how they worshipped fish as a demi-god, he for one said he had never tasted fish ever since his covenant with the mermaid of the oceans. It was almost unbelievable that such a story wasn’t fiction.

All the while, I was only waiting to hear the part of how he got this large sum of money. My instincts told me it will be the mermaid, but I couldn’t just assume. To be honest, at this point, I was getting tired of the long gist, and to think these men seemed so locked in and interested in his story, I thought it was only ladies that love to hear gist.

 I was still in my thoughts paying less attention to what he was saying when it struck my mind;

“if the money in that trunk was from the mermaid, isn’t that blood money?”

My thoughts made me react physically as it felt like I suddenly became alerted about a looming danger. 

           “It seemed like magic to me at first” Ben was saying.

Alas! He had gotten to the part I’ve been itching to hear.

           “Right in my sight, I saw the paper turn to money. And that was how we began making our money”

           “I’m sorry come again” I found myself saying.

I must have missed the part of how the paper turned into money while drowned in my thoughts. Sunkanmi and Tunde were exclaiming already.

           “I said after dipping the paper into the chemical it turned to money, 500 naira notes. Though there is the one for 1,000 naira note, it’s very expensive”

I thought my eyeballs were about to pop out from their sockets.

           “do you have the chemical here with you?” Tunde asked almost immediately.

Ben smiled. To be honest, I was very interested at this hour, I didn’t even realise my environment at that point. I was so engrossed in this story.

           “oga talk now” Sunkanmi said.

           “yes I have, but it’s not much,” Ben said.

           “it’s a lie!” Tunde exclaimed.

           “I’m not lying, I never lie. when the driver finds somewhere suitable to park, I’ll show you”

It then dawned on me we’ve been driving in the bush all along, no main road!!! How come?            

  “driver please where are we?” I asked immediately.

          “We should be close to Jakande area, there is somewhere I’ll burst out to the main road from there” he replied.

I sighed heavily. This journey of mine was certainly going to be a story to tell someday.

           “driver, hope you’ll find somewhere to pack so my sister here can help me count the money before you get to the main road”

           “no problem, I…” the driver was replying when the car began to jerk suddenly.

           “What is wrong?” I asked immediately with an alarmed voice.

           “I don’t know oo,” the driver said.

The car finally came to a stop. He turned the key in its ignition, the car didn’t start. He kept on repeating the process over and over again, yet the car wouldn’t respond.

Ah! In the middle of nowhere…

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4 Responses
  • Yetunde
    June 14, 2020

    I just binged on all the 6 episodes….sade really get mind…..From the point of we want to pass short cut, i would hve dropped from that bus…in Lagos, street smartness is required abeg

    • Tife Adetemi
      June 16, 2020

      Yetunde, I couldn’t agree less. Street smartness is an essential skill in this Lagos. Glad you enjoyed your read on all 6 episodes.

  • Bisola
    June 16, 2020

    I can’t wait to read what will eventually happen to Sade. Sometimes we need Street Orientation to survive in Lagos. Ajebutter or not!

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