My Ordeal – Episode 5

My Ordeal is a true life story with a twist.

“Jesus!” I screamed without even realising.

           “Aaah, sister thank God you are here,” the foreign guy said. He sounded relieved to see me. He quickly walked up to me and pulled me farther away from the three other men. 

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I was still dazed at the bag with plenty of money I saw. It made me weak instantly, I couldn’t explain why. Still recovering from that shock, this man I barely knew was pulling me away to God knows where. There was so much happening at the same time,

I couldn’t think straight.

Finally, we got to a spot, which I realised we weren’t so far from the other men, and he didn’t seem to have any intention to harm me.

           “sister please, God will bless you, I believe you are a Christian, please come and help a brother In need”

I swallowed the saliva formed in my mouth already. Seeing him calm and with no dangerous object, I asked: “what is it?”

           “Please I am from Cotonou, my name is Ben, I don’t understand Nigerian Language very well, nor do I understand the currency”

           “Okay, and how can I help you,” I asked looking around and trying to stay alert. The three men were still standing at the trunk of the car, discussing in Yoruba. There was no sign of any other human passing by.

           “You see that bag of money in the trunk?” he said quietly and I nodded in response. “it is mine, together with other goods, but I need to know how much exactly is in there and I don’t trust these men, I think they want to cheat me,” he said looking scared and helpless.

          I pitied him, but ,

“all that money in that bag is what you want to count?”

I asked in uttermost shock.

He nodded his head.

           “Sister hope nothing?” the driver called out from his stance at the trunk.

I waved back at him, indicating him not to worry.

           “aunty please will you help me?” Ben asked more pitifully and with urgency.

I knew I had to, truly those men looked like people that would cheat him at the slightest chance they get, so I said

           “let’s go”

We both walked to the trunk, with my heels digging into the muddy soil as if searching for gold, I walked up to them, and Ben spoke as soon as we approached the three men.

           “this sister will help me,” He told them sternly.

Sunkanmi, the friend of the driver, spoke first “Sister are you sure you want to involve yourself in this?”

           “let me just help him count it”

I replied, staring at the bag of money.

My talkative neighbour spoke “so you want to join in the share”

           “I just want to help him count it” I replied impatiently.

           “Sister, don’t worry you would have your share in it, I just want to be sure of the amount,” Ben said.

I felt my heart race at the sound of that promise, although I didn’t as much show interest in the share outwardly. But who doesn’t need some extra cash? I went closer to the bag still feeling it was a dream.


 A gun-shot like sound caused everyone to crouch, taking cover.I was in total shock, my heartbeat raced faster, I thought I was going to die from a heart attack. 

The driver hissed and said “na tire burst for main road” 

Everyone stood upright hissing and laughing, I was only relieved it wasn’t what we all thought it was. There was no iota of laughter in my system as I looked around, I was even more afraid for my life. 

The talkative neighbour, whom I still didn’t know his name then spoke to Ben “my brother, I think it will be safe if we go somewhere else to count this money, here we are at high risk of robbery.”

I nodded my head in agreement.

Honestly, I couldn’t agree less!

Seeing my approval he agreed instantly.

           “Okay, do you have anywhere in mind?” he asked the driver.

           “I know a place, don’t worry Ben, everything will be safe and intact,” the driver said to allay his fears.

The trunk was shut and we all went back into the car and sat in same positions. The driver began to drive in absolute silence. I couldn’t help but imagine my eventful night, I couldn’t wait to get home a. I was about picking my phone when the silence broke.

           “Ben Ben, I hope my share will still be intact ooo,” the driver said.

           “sure sir” Ben replied smiling.

           “Why are you selfish?” sunkanmi said “please our share, how can it only be the driver, we are all involved abi Tunde”

That must be the talkative neighbour’s name. he replied instantly “yes o, but how did you get across such money Ben?” Tunde asked.

           “Aaah, that is a great secret, and there is more to where it came from,” he responded in his funny accent with a smile.

           “ehn ehn, you don’t mean it?” Tunde said with so much interest “guy share with us this secret, you cannot leave us in the dark just like that”

           “you really want to know?” Ben said.

           “of course” Tunde replied.

           “why not?” sunkanmi asked in confusion

           “Abi, why would we not want to know in the first place?” the driver also said confirming my exact thoughts.

Although outwardly I seemed uninterested and was about plugging my earpiece with no sound on, just to avoid getting into the conversation when Ben spoke to me.

           “sister, do you want to know as well?” 

It didn’t occur to me to think about how the driver knew Ben’s name or how Sunkanmi knew Tunde’s.

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