My Ordeal – Episode 4

My ordeal is a true life story with a twist.

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           “oh my God,” I exclaimed.

           “driver what happened?” my talkative neighbour passenger asked.

           “is it not this discussion that didn’t make me know where I was going,” he said.

He was turning around.

           “Are we on the wrong road?” I asked with a frown.

           “no sister, but there is a short cut for me to by-cut this traffic. Please don’t be angry I got carried away”

           “Please be more attentive,” I said like I was talking to my driver.

           “sorry” the driver replied.

I sighed and picked my phone again, finding the ear lobes to my earpiece.

           “you seem tired, did the rain beat you as well?” my talkative neighbour asked. 

I looked back at him, I wanted to just ignore and plug my ears, but I thought that to be very rude, so I replied courteously.


           “you shouldn’t be thanking me, I was only being concern.”

I felt like slapping him to shut up. But I decided to ignore and plug my ears. He definitely would keep quiet if I replied out of courtesy again.

The sound of Simi –“love don’t care” made me just close my eyes. I needed something calm to soothe my nerves and Simi’s voice just had its way of doing the trick. Despite my sticky itchy body that made me so uncomfortable I found a way of dosing off, guess I was really tired. 

The rough movement of the car woke me up. I opened my eyes, and I couldn’t make sense of the environment we were driving on. I looked around, and the talkative neighbour was typing on his phone. The driver and his friends were quiet, and that didn’t help out as all I could hear were crickets noise and rustling of leaves.

           “Driver where are we?” I asked alarmed.

           “Sorry the gallop plenty for here, it’s the short cut road we are passing, the road is not good at all” he replied.

I looked around in wonder to how such a place as this existed on the Island, bushes with no sign of human or any building as such?

‘Eleko’ by Mayorkun began to play from someone’s phone. And that disturbed the still silence in the car. It was the ringtone of the quiet passenger, he picked the call in a very deep baritone voice, with an accent I could not understand.

           “intact, everything intact” he was saying.

He definitely could not be Nigerian with the kind of language he spoke in between. It didn’t sound Hausa, definitely not Yoruba or Igbo, I could tell because I am culture mixed, dad is Yoruba and mom is Ibo. Both languages I understood to a reasonable extent but can speak neither fluently.

As soon as he was done with the call. He spoke

           “Driver, please stop, my load”

           “your load is intact sir,” the driver said.

           “I want to check it” he replied, almost in a commanding tone.

           “Okay sir,” the driver said and hauled the vehicle to stop.

I was shocked, in the middle of nowhere? With no signs of car or any living thing around, it dawned on me again that I was the only girl in their midst. I began to panic.

Then I remembered my experience earlier at the office, how I had panicked for no reason almost giving myself a heart attack. I hissed and sighed deeply to calm my nerves.

           “sister sorry o” my talkative neighbour began to talk “ let me go and see what is taking them so long,” he said as he got down from the vehicle.

Before I knew it, the driver called his other friend whose name I now knew was Sunkanmi. I was just seated in the car, with the four men standing behind the opened trunk.

I wanted to call my mom at first, then I realised if I began to explain all this she would worry for nothing and her health condition did not tolerate the slightest fear.

Looking at the time properly now, I realised it at 9.48 pm already. And I didn’t even know what this place was called. If I called my dad, he would insult my gullibility of not knowing where I was, so I decided to take the risk to come down, after all, I was a 26 years old lady, I can handle myself. 

           “Driver, please where are….?” I stopped mid-sentence astonished at what my eyes saw in the boot of the car.

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