My Ordeal – Episode 3

My ordeal is a true life story with a twist.

The heavy wind was tearing me apart. I mustered all the strength in me to pull back the umbrella and handbag to my sides.

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The now dusty environment wasn’t making things easier. Plastics and specks of dirt flying helter-skelter, I was struggling to shield my face, but it was of no use. My eyes had begun to water and I could feel the taste of sand in my mouth.

Should I just call my driver? Isn’t it too late already? Any suitable and safe place where I could have waited will be closing up by now, if not already closed. I didn’t have a choice but to brace myself and keep moving in the turbulence wind.

It didn’t take a minute after, the rain began to pour down like an angry roaring lion. Within a twinkle of an eye, I was wet from hair to shoes. I kept on walking, at least I could see more clearly than the clouded dust in my face. The streets were deserted and cars were moving too fast; too fast to even help a lady in the rain.

“Ajah Ajah Ajah”

I heard a bus conductor shout. I didn’t mind the heels I was wearing, I ran after the voice like my life depended on it, and found the car not so far from the bus stop. I kept on waving and hoping they would wait. It wasn’t a bus as usual, which was more than fine by me, I could hire it for a personal cab if there was no other person in it.

“VGC,” I said as I approached the vehicle.

A man seated in front beside the driver nodded and waved me inside immediately.
Too bad, there was another passenger behind.

“fine girl sorry o, hope the rain did not beat you too much?”
I looked up at the middle-aged driver I presumed, then replied “no thank you, sir”

I was busy wiping my wet and sandy skin with my pocket tissue paper. My hair was so damp, I felt helpless about that. At this point, all I wanted was to just get into the shower.

“Ajah Ajah Ajah”

The guy on the passenger seat in front called out again.
Well looks like, I’m going to have to hold that thought till I get home.

A guy ran out from a shade, flagging the car down.
He opened the back door, and I had to shift to the middle, I was almost tempted to tell the driver I would pay for two-seat, I needed breeze on my body.

“ Ajah how much?” he asked.
“200 Naira” the driver replied.
“no oo, 150, please let me come down”
Yes!!! I was screaming in my mind, come down.
“oga its 200 Naira we used to carry oo.” The other man in front spoke.

He must be a friend to the driver I presumed and not a passenger.
“because rain is falling now, you people would be exploiting somebody” lamented the new passenger.
“Are we going or not?” the driver asked.
“sha be going” the guy finally resolved.

My shoulders practically slumped. I was hoping he didn’t have up to 200 Naira for t-fare, how evil of me.
“guy you are funny o” the driver’s friend began to talk. “how would you say 150 to Ajah in this our present economy”
“it’s the way the economy is affecting you that is affecting me too” the guy replied.
“Aaah, Nawa oo, for this change economy soooo” the driver’s friend continued.

“is it not you people that voted for change?” the driver said. “I hope you are enjoying the change now?”
“as if you didn’t partake in voting,” driver’s friend said.
“why would I waste my time voting for a whole bunch of idiots” replied the driver
“exactly” the new passenger concurred.

“Truth is, change o, PDP o, once they get to that sit, they become the same. All empty promises”

And that’s how they began politics talks and argument.
I and the other guy who had been inside before I came in were the quiet ones. I couldn’t tell where we were exactly. I wasn’t all familiar with the roads yet, but I knew when I get to VGC, I had gotten to my bus stop.

We were already driving into built traffic. I just knew this was going to be a long journey, so I decided to reply text messages I must have ignored during the day. I was trying to bring out my phone when another argument broke out and their voices were raised beyond normal. They were still on the politics matter.

I was so angry I didn’t know when I hissed.

I finally brought out my phone and earpiece as well. This is going to be a very annoying journey, come to think of it, I am the only girl in their midst.

“aunty sorry o” the new passenger who was beside me apologised. I’m sure he must have noticed my irritation at their loud voices.
I simply nodded and plugged my earpiece. I was about playing my music when the bus suddenly swerved.

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