My Ordeal – Episode 2


My ordeal is a true life story with a twist

I ran out of my corner immediately to the door, still bare feet, I was going to spur him by surprise, push him and run. And surprise did I surprise him who approached my office door.

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           “Sade!” Mr Benson called out almost in fear as I loomed in his front unexpectedly.

I stopped immediately. I was shocked to see Mr Benson; the head marketer, in a heavy hooded jacket on his Sky blue shirt and Navy blue jean trousers in heavy boots, holding his portfolio very firm, without his glasses on.

           “Good eve…sorry sir,” I stuttered.

He looked at me from my bare feet to my hair that must have been rumpled from the day’s stress. I was certain he must have seen me as crazy.

           “What happened to you?” he asked more concerned, after fully recovering from his shock.

           “I’m sorry sir, I was overthinking, I thought I was in danger,” I said.

           “Danger? How? Why are you still In the office?” he asked all at once

           “I …i..” I stuttered more with the way he looked at me “I wanted to complete my work before heading home, I didn’t know anyone was around”

           “Me too, I didn’t know anyone was around either. Don’t you think it’s rather too late for you to still be here, you should head home”

           “Yes sir, I was just about heading home before I heard heavy footsteps, I didn’t think it to be any staff so my imagination ran wild”

He laughed a little “oh don’t mind my boots, this is just how I dress home since my area has become a riverine area that we can’t walk in our shoes anymore”

Maybe that explains his hooded coat. But I didn’t hear the rainfall, so I was just wondering why the dressing?

           “Oh okay,” I said digesting my thoughts.

           “You should leave immediately, this rain is about to downpour heavily. Or maybe you should call your driver to come to pick you”

           “It’s about to rain?” I asked stupidly.

           “heavily” he added.

           “Let me get going then,” I said as I turned to leave.

           “I have to hurry now, the third mainland bridge will not be smiling on us travelling to the mainland”

I smiled at the word travelled. “It’s not such  journey Mr Benson, it’s still in Lagos”

Mr Benson laughed “how would you know, aje-butter, I don’t think you’ve ever journeyed to the mainland at night like us, anyways ensure you call your driver or dad, okay?”

           “Yes sir” I nodded.

And responded to his good night greetings as soon as he stepped out. Why do people always have to mention the ‘aje-butter’ phrase, didn’t they notice the absence of my driver for some weeks now?

I bent to wear my shoes, then stooped at the screen of my laptop system, I realised I was almost done reviewing the land agreement and finalising my report. Well, I could wrap up the last 3 paragraphs and head out immediately.

I hissed at myself for being so scared earlier. Looking at the time, it was 8.30 pm already,

latest by 8.45 pm I should be out of the office.

I was right on time with my rough work forwarded to the MD’s mail already. I didn’t care if he was going to lambast me on Monday, I just wanted to go home. I picked my bag after shutting down and rushed out of the office with the echoing sound of my heels escorting me out of the empty office.

As soon as I stepped outside, the wind literally pushed me back, if I had a wig on, it would have fallen off with the intensity of this wind. I blocked my face instantly with my hand, taking out the hair in my eyes and mouth simultaneously.

The security guard saw me and rushed to my side.

           “madam, ah you dey inside since?”

           “Musa please do you have an umbrella,” I asked in a slightly raised voice so he could hear me.

The wind was making this hovering sound like a ghost appearance soundtrack in Nollywood movies.

He nodded his head and went to bring the Umbrella.

           “Thank you I said” as I tried collecting the Umbrella.

But he insisted he helped me with it to the gate.

           “Madam why you no call oga driver?”

I was already fed up with how everyone saw me as this daddy’s girl that had to be carried about with a driver. The main reason I had stopped him from coming to pick and drop me in the first place.

           “don’t worry, I’ll get home soon, thank you, Musa”

           “Okay, please be safe madam,” he said so cautiously.

           “thank you” I replied, and stepped out of the compound.

There was still no single drop of rain on this windy night. The sound of the shut gate rained into my ears. Holding the opened umbrella firmly in my right hand, and my bag in my left palm,

I began to walk briskly into the dark windy night.

Everywhere seemed too quiet for the night, especially Friday night in the heart of Victoria Island Lagos. My destination was VGC in which,  with traffic, the journey should take me an hour plus, without traffic 45 minutes or less.

But who thinks without traffic in Lagos especially on a Friday night? Certainly not me. Finally, I was approaching the main road, my quickened heartbeat reduced a bit, as the sound from the rushing wind had reduced and I could see people and vehicles, though sparsely, it made the night seem less dangerous.

All of a sudden, the heavy wind started again, thankfully, I was close to the bus stop, unfortunately, I lost my balance, the umbrella flew out of my hand, I tried catching it, but my handbag was being pulled away.

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