My Ordeal – Episode 1

My ordeal is a true life story with a twist.

All that was on my mind was to clear my desk and head home to the comfort of my bed. My body was craving the comfort of the lushness of my mattress, cuddled up in the silky cold duvet on those soft pillows of mine.

I couldn’t afford to be daydreaming at this hour of the day. I had more than enough to keep me busy till midnight, and I had to rush them off before 9.00 pm the least. I needed to enjoy my weekend to the fullest, taking work home was not on my agenda this Friday.

I cornered my eye to see the time on my system. It was 7.15 pm. I adjusted properly on my seat and focused my direction squarely. Seeing me you would consider me as one of the most dedicated staff in the Property Company I worked for. But no, I was one of the nonchalant and lazy staff that would rather come late and chat halfway through the day only to realise time was far spent. Then the adrenaline rush to meet up with the deadline of submission and rush home begins at

3.00 pm just two hours to the official closing hour.

An hour past and I realised I was 60% through with this report. If only I was this serious during the day when I had plenty of time to work.  I decided to push my limit with more speed and laser focus on my computer screen, till a dark looming shadow caught my eyes.

The brightness of the fluorescent in my office didn’t stop the casting of the shadow. I looked up immediately and saw nothing. I looked around the office since my seat was in a position that backed the window, I could view every space and corner properly.

I returned to my work brushing it off as mere imagination. This time around I began to hear the heavy thud of footsteps. I jerked my face up immediately, I still saw nothing. The sound had stopped, but my heartbeat continued the rhythm of the thud sound.

           “Thud! Thud! Thud!”

Maybe it was the security man, I thought because I doubted any other staff would be around at this hour,

the office has since closed by 5.00 pm officially.

The office where I sat is positioned the last office from the front entrance of the straight-way lobby in the building which diverges to different offices. Starting from the reception to its adjacent office; the admin department, the business development follows suit, covering two offices space, before linking to the finance department adjacent to my office; Law & Contract with Facilities Managers. And a door that ends this lobby leading to the MD’s office.

I listened carefully again to hear any sound, but I heard none. I tried focusing back on work, but my mind was too distracted, my eyes kept darting to the entrance of my office. I don’t even know why I was scared, the company’s building is fenced with a security guard watching the gate, but my heart kept failing me at the slightest sound I hear.


I heard the sound again. I could detect it was a man’s feet cladded in a heavy footwear. This is what a few criminology studies can do to your regular train of thoughts; Makes you suspect a harmless ant as a criminal. Thanks to my daddy for forcing law as my career literally, because, not only did he force me to study law, he used his connections to land me this job.

That’s right, this scaredy-cat is one of the in-house lawyers for my company. I stood up from my chair as quietly as possible with my bare feet. I couldn’t risk the noise my heel shoe was going to make. If I was at risk here, I shouldn’t be too open to the looming danger.

My temperature was rising despite the A/C in the office.

I intended to move and hide behind the opened glass door to my office. But from my angle, I had to cross the already opened door before getting to the back. If I did this, my casted shadow could draw attention to this office.

By reflex, I searched around for any weapon of any kind, even if it were just a stick. But, where would I see that in this minimal poshly designed office that contained more of plastics? Except for the table made of glass and leather plated chairs

If I was truly in danger, I was doomed.

           “Thud! Thud!”

I heard the sound closer, and closer. I scaled through to the opposite wall very fast like a cricket insect and stayed flat against the wall wishing I could just disappear into it. The figure was looming at the entrance now, very close. I knew it had to be a man. I could see his shadow, it seemed like his back was turned to this direction, he was static in position.

And then he began to move away. I heaved a sigh of relief silently with a tiny prayer in my mind. No one needed to tell me to head home. I hurriedly hopped back to my seat, and in an attempt to be extra careful, I hit my hand on the plastic curtain and held on to it with my second hand to keep it still, unfortunately, it made more rattling noise that echoed into my brains.

I almost peed in my pants as I closed my eyes shut.

           “thud! Thud! Thud!”

He was coming back, I saw the shadow with an object firmly held in his hand. He was coming for me!

Episode 2 is here – my ordeal episode-2

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  • Mo
    May 3, 2020

    Felt alive, had to check myself before sleeping lol

    • Tife Adetemi
      May 13, 2020

      Thanks for enjoying this read Mo. Hope to see more of you here.

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