My Identity

A letter of my identity

Hi, I am tiny,

Right now I am lost in thoughts thinking about me, tiny. I am tiny physically but that is not the point. My nickname is tiny, everyone calls me tiny, you can call me tiny, but my name is Ayomide Balogun.

I am one of those kids you can’t miss in class, tiny, literally tiny, short, short hair, I think I am the only student in my department that is on short curly hair, it’s easier than changing my hair every other week.

I sit at the rear back because I like not being noticed. Sometimes I look like one of those troublesome short boys in the class, don’t ask, I am a girl, thank you for respecting that.

I am writing this letter about my identity…my thoughts trail off further as she just walked past. 

How dare she? With her perfect body and curves, everyone just seems to like her. For a fact, I used to like her, until I realized she was on a path to destroying me.

Please I need to go back to my letter writing; ‘I would like to bring to the attention of the school board on a mistake concerning…’ how do I even phrase this letter? Where do I start? I mean there has been a mistake for a full year, well just 2 semesters, but better late than never. 

She seemed so smart, guess that was all for a show, but how didn’t I even suspect. I should have figured out since I knew my academic capacity. My last semester exams, I knew with all I had written, I should have B’s as the least grade in my courses.

Not even with the last two exams, where I got to see the questions before the examination, and I did excellently well. 

But the results came out and I had all D’s. How did that happen? The same thing happened the second semester, I cried my eyes out, even Peter who copied my work word for word, despite his astute dumbness in class, didn’t fail.

Every day all through this semester my mum has given me stories on how to drop out and become a tailor instead of wasting her money on my education. But how do I re-assure her that I am certain I’ve been writing so well in exams, especially with my recent connection giving me the correct questions.

I mean how do I prove to her that I’m confident in my mental capacity for academics and its definitely above average, although, the doubts were beginning to creep in 

Now I have to return to this letter ‘Ayomide Balogun D {dorcas} of matric number MRT/020/ACC/2807 and Ayomide Balogun D.{darasimi} MRT/020/ ACC/2887 results from 100 level first and second semester…’

Mtshwww, I am so angry right now.

I mean, how did it even happen? I summoned the courage to write a letter to the school about the mix-up. Physically we look nothing alike, I thought people with similar names have something interesting they share in common, I guess not.

Anyways we call her AD, who is so annoying to me right now with her fake British accent. It used to be cute though, but now it is very annoying.

The long story cut short is, this girl in my department that is called AD, her result has been mixed up with mine for 2 semesters simply because the stupid person in charge of the result didn’t bother to confirm the full meaning of the abbreviated D in each name, in other words, our names were mixed and she has been jubilating over my result and I have been crying over hers.

Now can you please pick a pen and paper and tell me how to put that in an official letter.

Thank you.

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