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LINK UP WITH JOHN ADEWUSI – Sell Your Market on Social Media Series – Final episode

John Adewusi is the Managing Director of Salt & Truth TV –, Co-founder of Funny African Pics – @funnyafricanpics and .
Although a graduate of Computer Science, John Adewusi started his career in Digital Marketing and Public Relations, according to him, this was way before Digital Marketing became the norm and cool. He moved into Strategy for Brands and is currently soaring in film and TV prodcutions. He prefers to call himself a Marketing Executive.

Tife of Fiction Tales decided to wrap up the series – ‘Selling Your Market on Social Media as Creatives’, with a brief interview with John Adewusi. The Social Media and Brand Strategist expert, spoke concisely on the importance of doing this as creatives:

FT: Why is content posting on social media important for creatives?

John: Social media is the storefront for people to see who you are and what you do. That is the basic and crucial reason.

FT: What will you classify as the Dos and Don’ts in branding for content posting as a creative?

John: Dos and don’ts are honestly unique to individual and fields. One thing for sure is, I do not subscribe to the “any publicity is good publicity” mindset. I’ll recommend you have a long term plan and focus in mind. And then before doing anything ask yourself “will this advance my big picture or derail me?”. In doing this you’ll always stay true to your goal. Try to avoid controversy as much as possible. It never serves you in the long run. Most times, it’s never worth it.

FT: How do you keep track of achievements on social media contents?

John: Engagement is usually a measure of the effectiveness of content. If people like something they tend to talk about it and share it. It’s the easiest way to qualify your achievements on Social Media.

FT: Can you share with us, any experience on a brand you worked on; the process and the result?

John: I’ll say a campaign that readily comes to mind is one I did for a top tier bank in Nigeria. It was about creating awareness for their points of sale channel. I created a campaign about a familiar family experience of uncles never having cash. The bank loved the idea and implemented it. On release, the campaign achieved its desired goal with customers embracing the products. All thanks to a campaign that evoked nostalgia.

FT: Your general advice to creatives on the use of social media.

John: The internet has made everyone that matters a click away (Ok maybe 3/4 clicks). Look for the best in your field especially the ones far and wide, in different cities and nation, and learn from their work, stories and process. As much as you can, put your work out there, it’s a wonderful way of measuring growth because if you’re consistent with putting the work out you’ll find that what you did today is much better than what you did last month. Thanks to social media you can see the growth.

Most of all just keep working. THANK YOU.

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