I’m Passionate But Lazy.

Is passion enough?

Sometimes last year, I was filling a form to qualify for free training on a skillset I felt I was ‘passionate’ about. I remember seeking advice from one of my mentors, and he said, “please my dear, where you are asked to state why you should qualify for the training, don’t write any passionate nonsense. Be very objective and clear on your reasons.”

I was beyond flabbergasted because that is my go-to line. I’m passionate about writing and making the world a better place,

How did being passionate become a wasteful emotion?

Well, that is because, for a fact, Passion is simply an emotion, it is a strong and barely controllable emotion. Which doesn’t necessarily yield result. That explains why you can be passionate about something, but still end up being lazy about it.

Strangely it is not entirely bad to be lazy.

I learnt of recent that some entrepreneurs like lazy people because, employee wise; they are the quickest to innovate a faster process to getting things done, and consumer wise; they always purchase products that will reduce the workload process or just ease them off stress.

But it becomes alarming when being lazy is a consistent feeling; you rather stay idle than do the necessary things that need to be done or you spend exuberantly, especially when there are limited resources, just to avoid getting a job you are capable of doing, done.

Having cleared out these two terms,

the good news is there’s a solution to step out from this phase of being passionate but Lazy.

It all boils down to consistency, but according to research, human nature is not wired to that process, hence the struggle to be ‘consistent’.

That leads us to the solution broken into smaller pieces:

  1. One thing at a time: If you feel you are passionate about something, then it is a good step to knowing there’s something you care about. It is very much okay to be multi-talented and have an interest in different things. What is not okay is trying to do all at once. You have to take one thing at a time. This helps your brain to be able to focus, avoiding a cumbersome thought process that can weary the brain and lead to possible depression or anxiety.
  2. Layout Plans: Once your brain is focused on the one thing you want to do, start planning. Get a pen and journal, write out what you intend to achieve with that passion. Write out, in minute processes, things you need to do to achieve your aim. It is very advisable to aim far and big in life, this enables you to push further to becoming the best at what you do. Your starter on your plan can be to save up money or go for training, or as little as getting a phone. The point is, have a starting point and a process of achieving your aim.
  3. Make it A Duty: Duty is what a makes the difference in your passion. It is simply doing the right that needs to be done. You already have your plan layout to achieving your goal, the process to this is the duty that needs to be done. Just as a dutiful child is seen as someone who wakes up and does the home chores before he is told to do so, that is exactly what your plan layout is to you. It is a chore that needs to be done by you.
  4. Ask for Assistance: Nobody is an island, I am a preacher of collaborations and teamwork. No matter the path of passion you’re trotting, someone somewhere must have trotted that path. It will be seen as wisdom to ask for directions and help to know better and save time. A friend once said to me “we grow in the direction that we ask”, and I couldn’t agree less with that. Ask for help when you see the need to, it’ll go a long way than you expect.
  5. Celebrate Small Wins: I have a friend who buys chocolate every time he goes to the gym, and every time he meets up with his target for the morning, he gladly takes out his chocolate to munch with so much satisfaction. I realised the chocolate was the reward he was looking forward to, hence he focuses on getting his routines done fast. This applies to every situation. You can place a reward to every step laid out in your plan, could be as little as a lollipop or a movie night, just ensure it is something you can look forward to and be proud of your improvement. 

If these five steps can be adhered to, you’ll realise you’re cultivating the great and mighty ‘consistency’ as a habit. And gradually eradicating laziness.

The most important of all is, what you seem to be passionate will become a reality in no time. Let’s say bye-bye to being the dreamers and cheers to becoming doers, you can do this!

6 Responses
  • Tee
    May 21, 2020

    Good girl!

    • Iyke Iroh Ndidiamaka
      May 21, 2020

      Great written work …I applaud to encourage you to do more.

    • Tife Adetemi
      May 21, 2020

      Thanks tee. I’m sure your comment means you enjoyed the read.

  • Segun
    May 22, 2020

    This is quite the read! I tend to lose interest pretty quickly in things I thought I was passionate about. Thank you for this new perspective you’ve written on.

    • Tife Adetemi
      May 23, 2020

      Glad you found a new perspective Segun, Hope to see more of you here.

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