Omo Get-inside

Omo Get-inside- Can you relate?

This one time I went to visit a family friend, and I wondered why every conductor sounded alike. I knew my destination was Iyaba, what I couldn’t fathom was if all buses at the garage were heading my direction. I mean, why would you have iyaba. iya-Paja, iya-woro bus next to each other? At a point, all I could here was iya iya iya.

Well, I got to my destination and my friend’s father was in great shock. I had just greeted him, and without a response he kept looking behind me, checking if I came with my parents I suppose.  “who dropped you off?” came his response, and when I said I came myself, he went berserk, asking if my parents were treating me good, it took me a while to realise his train of thoughts, he felt I ran away from home and worst of all, he didn’t make returning home any easier for me.

But really why are we sidelined?

Nationally we are known to be categorized as ‘Omo get inside’ but internationally the white man makes it sound less depressing and calls us the INDOOR KID which means you are someone who enjoys doing indoor activities such as playing video games, watching TV or just using their computers, basically, a kid who likes being indoor.

While ‘Omo get inside’ to people in this part of the world are kids that are seen as awkward, over-pampered, rich, anti-social, rude with overprotective parents who sees their house as the only safe place away from all the dangers in the world (the other kids), which explains why children of my kind are discriminated in the society.

We are sidelined just as an Indians cannot be called white and an albino cannot be called black. Something spectacular about us is that we live in the ghetto, but we are not ghetto kids, even when you get that opportunity to mingle, you just can’t, because, you are not one of them.

They make you feel the mosquitos in our locality skips your house when flying around. Looking at the bright side we are children but there is that thing in us that doesn’t make us children, don’t get me wrong we all go through the normal process of growth just that most of us don’t remember the process because that memory of being a child is missing.

A real get inside kid will relate when I say, we wake up prisoners and go to bed just to see ourselves on the stage next to Beyonce singing ‘freedom, freedom where are you?’

Our imaginations are filled with how our lives would be if only we were out there high on tasty time with our tiny fingers in the sand under the hot sun, running around in our underpants screaming ‘I call on MTN’ like the other kids. But their image of us is that we annoy our father and he would say ‘ take this kit Kat you hate so much, that is your punishment’. No No No, my mum stones me with omorogun (turning stick) a lot, and my dad spanks me with pankere (cane).

After years of not mingling with kids around me, I finally got the opportunity to talk to a neighbour of mine and at last, this is my chance not only to prove I can be one of them but to know why we are not, so I asked why they call me ‘Omo get inside’ after all we all grew up watching Tom and Jerry.

 His response was ‘ that might be true but the reality is you grew up watching Barney the dinosaur and we grew up watching Badoo Omo mushin’.

“But Olamide is not from Mushin” I replied, and he never spoke to me again.

I always wondered why we are seen as being different and I hope to get a reasonable answer soon.

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