God Spoke To Me

God spoke to me and saved me.

As a child growing up in a Christian home, one will think that I would end up as one of those heaven-conscious Christians. Little did people know that most times I forget God’s existence in my personal relations, I mastered the art of sticking to the family morning devotion while I itch to go on my regular lifestyle with friends.

It didn’t hit me that my heart seemed far from God until one day. I needed to make a huge life decision that could either be the best thing in my life or the worst mistake of my life. I was so confused about what to do, and I ran to my friends for help. Two of them in particular.

Surprisingly both friends told me “why not ask God?” And that was when it hit me. I had relied so much on my physical abilities and strength all along without consciously asking God for approval. Now, this was a huge decision with a deadline, how I’m I sure to hear from him? How will he speak to me after all this time of not listening to Him?

I had no choice but to go to God in prayers, I went bare with God, praying and hoping that he would hear my voice amongst many other voices crying unto him. I was still uncertain of how he would speak to me, but I held my faith strong, believing that he will speak and I will hear.

God spoke to me! I heard his response to my request, it was loud and clear without any doubt. I was so excited I called my friends to share in this victory. Apparently, I called them at different times, explaining in details my experience of God speaking to me.

My first friend rejoiced with me and shared a similar experience of how God speaks to him. On the other hand, my second friend laughed at me and said I was crazy. I was confused because his advice was for me to go ask God, was he not expecting me to get a reply?

He said and I quote “that is the general advice but in reality, we know what we want to do, asking him is just formality so he goes ahead of you.” Wow, you should have seen how shocked I looked after hearing his ideology.
So I asked him “why pray at all if you don’t expect a response?” He went mute. It has been a while I heard from him, but I hope he realizes the truth from heresies.

This situation made me realize a lot of people are deaf to God, and some are bent on believing God only speaks to certain kind of people. I would be glad to inform you that God speaks to everyone, be ye a sinner or a pastor or a General Overseer. You just have to open your heart and ears to him.

I believe the problem of some believers is they expect a dramatic show from God. They don’t realize the still voice of the Most High. They don’t realize he can manifest in different forms to speak to you.

In my instance, God speaks to me through music, the Bible and vocally in my heart. I’ve realized over time that prayer is a two-way street. You speak to God, God speaks back to you. You have to pray and wait quietly for his response.

I have a friend who hears God through bible passages, he prays, and God drops a passage in his heart and he reads it and then prays with the passage, others hear God through trances, visions and dreams. God speaks to you in a way he knows you will understand, it’s up you to listen, understand and obey.

God can also speak to you through other people, although I prefer not this method because I believe God is my father, why should a father speak to his son through another son. But I’ve come to realize that whichever means God speaks to you, it is for a significant reason.

So the next time you pray, stay quiet and listen, open your heart, ears and mouth and let him fill it with his message and you will feel the joy of the Holy Spirit.

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