Dear reader,

A love letter to Fiction Tales Readers.

I woke up on Wednesday, the 1st of July 2020, staring at my journal, comparing activities that had been done the previous month and activities to be done this new month.

It felt like a heavyweight was placed on my chest as I sighed deeply while flipping through pages of daily activities and began writing out activities that were omitted or were simply not achieved.

These activities seemed much; what have I been doing the whole of June? I asked myself rhetorically. With no enthusiasm whatsoever, I wrote out the activities to be achieved for July alongside the carryovers.

I had a full journal of a to-do list, yet I felt sad, somewhat empty and unfulfilled. Then I started a deep soul search to understand what was happening to me.

In this process of soul searching, I found deep inspirations to write, so I began my research, and collating my scattered thoughts in well-arraigned words.

All of this I did with the understanding that if I could go through this phase, despite my knowledge of ways to avoid feeling depressed, then someone else might need help on how to overcome this.

Gradually the space of fulfilment was being refilled. A re-understanding of why I started this blog fiction tale became clearer. It felt like I was placed in a room of light and I began to write every idea, every experience, every experiment and thoughts.

I wrote with a purpose to help one soul. Even if it is one soul, I will write to help and so, I got lost in content creation that I forgot there was a time to post and a time to promote. And then I postponed posting, with a tangible excuse of collating contents for the future.

Then, the unexpected happened a few days after procrastination. My electronic devices decided to go on a compulsory vacation. It was then it dawned on me, the real reason for the earlier sadness and empty feeling.

Omo, I was broke! Dear reader, I started checking myself to understand if money was my sole purpose of existence because, at this crucial time, I could not afford to repair my devices, let alone buy a new one.

Just like that, I was cut-off from the face of the technology world and the internet. After God, only one thing kept me sane during this period – movies. Thank God for movies.

I started to intensify effort to get a stable job because being a freelance writer and producer for hire wasn’t as profiting as it used to before COVID-19. To God be the Glory, I got a stable and flexible job. 

Working on this job gave me access to electronic devices, in which I was able to access some of my google contacts and information on my google drive.

I couldn’t bring myself to just start posting on fiction tales as if nothing had happened. I felt the need to explain to my little community of readers who believed in this brand and are still subscribed, despite the uncalled leave of absence.

One of the things I consider the best thing that happened during this period was the calls I got from people complaining about not getting updates from fiction tales. The support and care from these few yet important people, I felt deeply in my heart.

And I am writing this to tell you, I love you. Thank you for rooting for fiction tales and me behind the brand. Thank you for sticking through and encouraging me with your reads and comments.

Most importantly, thank you for trusting that fiction tales is here for you and is going nowhere. God bless you.

P.S: My first e-book is coming out in November, I need suggestions on my marketing strategy. The philanthropist side of me wants to make it free, the business side of me is saying the opposite. You are a subscriber, you are a reader, you are family, your opinion counts.

I’ll be waiting to read your responses in the comment section or an email.

Love from,

Tife Adetemi.

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