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I’m Passionate But Lazy.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Is passion enough? Sometimes last year, I was filling a form to qualify for free training on a skillset I felt I was ‘passionate’ about. I remember seeking advice from one of my mentors, and he said, "please my dear, where you are asked to state why you should qualify for the training, don’t write any ...

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10 Success Traits That Requires No Talent

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Is it only the talented that becomes successful? This article is about to reveal to you (10) ten success traits you can possess that requires absolutely no talent and still guarantees your success in life. Being on timeWork ethicEffortBody languageEnergyAttitudePassionBeing coachableDoing extraBeing prepared. BEING ON TIME: This is not a talent, it is an act, for the ...

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Effervescent: /ɛfəˈvɛsənt/

-of a liquid) giving off bubbles; fizzy.