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Bank With us at Pun intended, read this story;

In a small town, lived certain people who didn’t need a bank till one was erected. The slogan of this big bank happens to be

“bank with us we would treat you right”.

And lo, this bank did have the top-notch customer service. It was too welcoming to believe such bank existed in a non-civilised small town. Everyone loves to be treated right I suppose.

All of a sudden a competitor rose to this bank, and they coined the slogan

“bank with us, your future is secured”.

Oh, this was a tough one on the people. They all wanted a trusted and secured future, and at the same time wanted to enjoy being treated right. For the ones who thought they were smart, they moved on the bank with a secured future. Of course, some others remained loyal to the former bank.

And a wise man decided to combine both slogans to create his bank, the third bank in the community.

“we treat you right and secure your future”.

You can imagine everyone running to this bank ignoring the previous ones.

Truth is I asked a couple of people which bank would be their choice, of course without disclosing the last, 90% chose banking to secure their future. And when I gave the last option, apparently everyone chose that bank.

This got me thinking metaphorically if banks were people in our lives.

Would you rather stick with someone who treats you right or someone who promises you a bright and promising future?

If these banks were our workplace,

would you stick to the company that treats you right or the company that promises a secured future?

Oh! it’s beginning to add up now. Getting a secured future is not all sweet and rosy, but once it is acquired, it can hardly be snatched. And come to think of it, everyone wishes to know what the future holds, forgetting that the present, most times determines the future. Some people also say life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Now, which are you choosing? Bank with us to secure your future or bank with us to treat you right?

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  • DonKenny001
    May 12, 2020

    This is really a dicy one.. I probably would go with the one that treats me right.. because even though it’s not stated categorically, within their right treatment, lie my secured future.

    • Tife Adetemi
      May 12, 2020

      Thanks for a well thought response Donkenny.

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