ADADIS – Never To Be Caught Unfresh.


I’m sure you’re wondering where this is going. Well, this is a short story of never to be caught unfresh, let’s take this ride together!

Do you get the notion that writers are weird? I’ve always had that notion for years now and that was my exact thoughts when I heard of a writer’s meet conference happening in Lagos, precisely at Onike’s Youth Centre. You mean a whole bunch of weirdo’s would converge in one roof?

No way was I going to miss this. 

I remember marking the 28th of October on my calendar on the 8th, which meant 20 days to go. Honestly, looking forward to this event is an understatement to describe how I felt. Although amidst daily workload and stress, the tingling feeling subsided till the morning before Saturday, Friday 27th of October.

What to wear became a huge cross on my mind, but then I had to go through the day’s hectic work as usual, and I needed to plan. Mentally calculating the dresses in my wardrobe I figured a tee shirt and jeans would do, with nice footwear, and that drew the line of thoughts of my look for the day. 

Finally, the day arrived *rings bell*,

Contrary to how I expected to feel, I woke up with a yearning to sleep more, but this was a compulsory meet conference I didn’t want to miss. Oh for the record, I am an indoor extrovert. 

Getting out of the shower with a little dab of cream on my arms and legs, I Slipped into my crazy jeans and my @jamesjohnsonclothing African tee-shirt design. Fine girl in the works, I had this beautiful artificial soft afro fixed on my hair, I parked it into a bun and wore a black leather cap to compliment this gangster look. 

Now here lies my crux for the day, and the day was just starting. Looked high and over my shoe racks and no befitting footwear could compliment my look. Slip-on would tone down this gangster feel, heels would give a cheeky look if only I wasn’t going to fly okada or enter Keke Napep or possibly walk to get to the venue, all-stars trainers I had would make me look like a clown. 

Time was running fast, I finally went with the slip-on, picked my ‘ithink iwrite icreate’ tote bag and rushed out.

Fast forward to my arrival at the venue, I looked into the compound that had ONIKAN YOUTH CENTRE board hung outside. Just like I thought, a lot of naturalistas were moving around the well beautiful tended garden in the compound.

Naturalistas- check! Gothic looks -check! abnormal dress sense? Well, I was just arriving, I would look through my checklist of expectations after. I walked up to two girls just to confirm the venue was right, one cannot fully trust google map sometimes. *covers face* yes, found my way through Google map. Either way, I was right at the venue and was directed to the hall to my right hand.

Goodness, the breeze from the Air-conditioned hit me in the right place as I entered into the hall. The way I needed that ehn, after struggles of jumping bus and Keke. I entered quietly and picked a seat at the edge of the 3rd roll, close to the AC. The cool music blasting from the speakers was hitting the right spot, I took in little details trying to settle in,

but I couldn’t help but notice Mr orange culture.

I’m certain everyone noticed him, cute dress sense I must say, but was I expecting guys to be here? Yea, maybe a few, like the nerdy ones with the signature glasses. But this one didn’t look nerdy to me, one could describe him DDG (Drop Dead Gorgeous), I wouldn’t even consider him as someone that has an interest in writing, umph, maybe he’s just here for the girls I concluded. (now I know him as koladepelumi , A super talented writer. You should Check him out.)

After settling in for some minutes, I picked my phone to check on bobo. 32% battery status made me frown, coupled with my stomach rumblings. I quickly sent a message, replied a few messages, took a sneak peek on Instagram, clicked snapchat, while loading I saw how quickly my battery status had drained, I Immediately switched it off to save for desperate times.

Too bad I didn’t have a book to read. Almost immediately an announcement was made in the hall, for us to go out and register properly before coming in.

Ah ah, inside this hot sun? When this A/C was just settling in. But I had to do as I was told, I carefully stood in the line. My left eye caught the glimpse of a very pretty cool girl, I looked at my left properly, and guess who I saw? 

Me! Just in the reflection of the glass doors at my side,

And guess who was staring intently, orange culture guy staring intently at himself. I couldn’t help but think what could be going on his head as he admired himself, such self-love I envy.

I took another look at myself in the mirror, and I must say I did look more beautiful than the image I had in my head, especially with the black and white sneakers I had on. And just to confirm my thoughts, a cool guy walked up to me with a brilliant smile, beckoning me to go for an interview at the backdrop created. (Now I know him as @chizzytheace, a very talented actor and entertainer)

I simply smiled back and nodded, no need for plenty of stories, I already started planning my escape plan. The presenter approached me with a lovely smile, I smiled back and whispered into her ears “I’m camera shy”. And whoof! she let me be. Thank you @thatgiftedgirl.

Truth be told, I truly am, but another truth, I am whatever I want to be when the need arises.

We wrapped up at the registration centre quickly than I thought and was so glad I could run back into the Air Conditioned hall, the conference started at exactly the hour intended to, no African timing, even though it was the AFRICA’S WRITERS MEET 2017. Kudos to

Few hours into this amazing programme, I caught myself staring at my black and white sneaks. Baby la’fresh, what!!! As in really, what was I seeing? A frown line already crossed my face as I looked keenly at my feet, and read carefully ADADIS. LMAO!

Rewind to when I realised I needed to get a proper shoe on this outfit? I did wear my slip-on actually, but on my way, by the roadside where I wanted to enter Keke, I saw these nice sneaks at an extremely affordable rate. Believe me when I say I read ADIDAS before trying that shoe on.

Then how I’m I seeing ADADIS? Eh! God, this should have been a story of never to be caught un-fresh.

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  • Bisola
    June 11, 2020

    I can relate. Exactly how Adidas turned to Adadis. Aba people’s handwork. Lol.

    • Tife Adetemi
      June 16, 2020

      I’m telling you Bisola, imagine the embarrassment. I should have expected it though, considering the price and location for sale. lol.
      Thanks for reading Bisola.

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