5 Tips To Avoid Toxic Relationships

Toxic relationships can be completely avoided, you just need to know the signs.

So many of us find ourselves in what we call ‘toxic relationships’ or simply ‘wrong relationships’, either by ignorance or mere disobedience. Unfortunately several of us have classified the faults to these ‘failed relationships’ to people’s characters, profession, attitudes, physical attributes and so on.

Don’t get it twisted, all of those are important to be put in check when in a relationship, also and essentially, when not in a relationship as well. Majority of us have placed an image of the dream lady or man we want in our minds, and that has clouded our minds and misled more people than it has guided.

The following tips are to help get knowledge of the right things to do before entering a relationship, to make it right with the right partner:

  1. KNOW YOUR CREATOR: This should be everyone’s priority. Know your creator, for He is also the one who has created your partner. One important thing to know is relationship; a Union between man and woman is beyond strong feelings, looks, body structure, educations, manner, family background and of course sex. It is DIVINE.
  2. KNOW YOURSELF: Understanding is one major quality everyone wants in their partner in a relationship. But how do you understand someone when you’ve not fully understood yourself? It is key and highly important to find yourself, to discover yourself, to know your purpose in life. It also helps your partner love you for what you do and who you are instead of trying to shape you in their physiology.
  3. BE CONFIDENT: Learn not to worry and grow confidence in yourself, people see you the way you portray yourself to them, so would your partner, no matter how good they encourage you, if you keep your self-esteem low, one way it would affect negatively. Besides everyone would love to see some confidence in his/her partner.
  4. DO NOT LIVE TO IMPRESS: In as much as you build yourself to be good or almost perfect, don’t have the intention to impress your partner. Grow to be a better person for yourself, set your principles and standard for your comfort. Although this shouldn’t be mistaken for being selfish, sacrifice is one thing that cannot be escaped in a relationship, but whatever is worth sacrificing should not bring a dent to your great personality or moral values, instead, it should make you a better person. No one is perfect and everyone is bound to make mistakes. 
  5. ASPIRE MORE: Your aspiration for better and greater things also serves an inspiration for those around you. The world is evolving and changing, and so being static is not an option. Do not get too comfortable with your current position it won’t last forever with the evolving world, so think ahead, move ahead, and achieve more. Everyone loves a successful person no matter how little the achievement is, it shows a good quality of reliability. This work both ways for men and women.

Imagine a world where everyone wants to be right and perfect for his/her partner, wouldn’t it be easier to deal with relationships. Get it right with yourself first,

don’t take relationship as an escape plan for your imperfection and push it all on your partner to accept.

95% of the tips above are achievable with discipline and consistency. You don’t have to rush in that relationship simply because you are under pressure. A relationship is not just a thing, it is an essential part of our lives. If you follow this advice, you would realise relationships are not meant for babies, but matured minds, ready to deal with life itself.

We don’t need to keep getting into a toxic relationship based on ignorance, now that you have read this article. Make it right today.

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