10 Practical Steps To Become A Social Butterfly

Practical Steps for an introvert transitioning into a social butterfly.

Being a social butterfly is second to nature for some people, while some of us find it very hard to find our footing in social gatherings. You can refer to us as introverts or socially awkward people.

I say us because I was in this space for a long time and can relate to your struggles. Here are ten (10) tips I learnt during my transition stage of becoming a social butterfly:

1. Change Your Mindset: The very first thing that needs to change is your mindset. It is an internal work process before an external one. Ideally, there must be different reasons why you’ve been an introvert for a very long period, you need to constantly tell yourself; it is time to change!

2. Do Not Overthink It: This will turn out to be one of the best advice. Don’t play out unnecessary scenarios on how you’ll be the life of the party in your head. Just go for your event or outing. If you find yourself at the event and you have a comment or something to say? Just say it! You see someone you’ll like to approach?

Just do it. Do not overthink anything.

3. Be Confident: Staying confident is easier said than done. Here are useful sub-tips to build and maintain your confidence; 

i.) Ensure to dress well and smell nice, your appearance matters a lot. 

ii.) Do not let your confidence or self-esteem level rise to a level of demeaning others, you need to balance humility and confidence. 

 iii.) Most importantly stay in your safe space for discussion, the goal is to avoid being embarrassed so as not recoil into the socially awkward person you were. What you are not comfortable doing, or you don’t know much about, do not involve yourself. 

4. Don’t Fake it: Becoming a social butterfly doesn’t mean being someone else you are not. Stay true to yourself as much as you can. Also, be genuinely interested in any conversation you find yourself involved in, pay attention to what the other person is saying to give meaningful feedback.

Do not fake paying attention or body languages. Stay true to your intentions.

5. Take It slow: Don’t push yourself too hard to be too good at being a social butterfly. It takes weeks, months, sometimes, years of practising to be comfortable in social gatherings. Give a meaningful reason to why you have to be a social butterfly.

For me, it is “shyness does not pay the bills” this pushes me to approach people when the need arises. Always remember it is a gradual process of change.

6. Learn From Others: This is the easiest and fastest way to becoming a social butterfly. Learn from the best, watch them and take notes of things they do to become friendly and socially involved when interacting with people. Pick up lines they say to strike conversations.

Learn as much you can from other social butterflies, soon you’ll be rolling like one.

7. Learn to Understand Body Languages and Maintain Eye Contacts: This above all is very important. Although as introverts or socially awkward, one of the essential skill we have mastered is understanding body languages, only that we read too much negative meaning into them and allow it to affect our vibes.

We need to learn how to manoeuvre the body languages we read to suit our purpose. It is no brainer that eye contact helps one’s confidence skills, as well as shaking hands firmly with another.

8. Be Open to Learn New Things: Becoming a social butterfly means you will be mixing with a lot of people with different beliefs, from a different race, religion, background e.t.c. It is of utmost importance for you not to be rigid on your thoughts and beliefs solely.

Also, it will of great help if you find new hobbies or learn a new language or visit somewhere new.

Being open to learning new things increases greater chances of more interactions with people.

9. Take In Details: You have to become a person who is conscious of his/her environment and the people around. Taking in little details like stopping to breathe deeply, or picking a flower along the road, or noticing the brand of fashion piece a person is wearing will go a long way in helping you become a social butterfly. That way, there are more things you can think and talk about.

10. Do not aim For Fame: The goal is to become a social butterfly not be famous. If you think about it, you can be popular for doing terrible things, and still be famous without much interaction with people.

But becoming a social butterfly is to build your social cognitive value for yourself and the community around you. That is why honesty and discussing things of value are highly encouraged when becoming a social butterfly.

Lastly, get off that phone!

Social media interaction doesn’t make you a social butterfly. Especially when you find yourself amid people, try to keep your phone away and do more of physical interaction.

Love from a repentant introvert.

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