My Ordeal – Episode 3


My ordeal is a true life story with a twist. The heavy wind was tearing me apart. I mustered all the strength in me to pull back the umbrella and handbag to my sides. If you missed episode 2 - The now dusty environment wasn't making things easier. Plastics and specks of dirt flying helter-skelter, I was ...

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A Tribute to Gboyega Bawala


Gboyega Bawala, the great studio instructor and lecturer for Mass Communication Department, Caleb University, Imota Lagos. ‘Here's to the ones that we gotCheers to the wish you were here, but you're not'Cause the drinks bring back all the memoriesOf everything we've been through' This song has been playing in my head since I was told you are ...


Reprobate: /ˈrɛprəbeɪt/

-an unprincipled person.